From 1st august 2018 the mileage rate for Officials and volunteers when travelling to and from tournaments will increase from 37p        per mile to 40p per mile.  The allowance for carrying an extra passenger will remain at 45p per mile.



Steve Welch and I were friends. We met and worked together at a Cliffedale Chandlers 1 star tournament and it is through table tennis that I grew to respect and like him.

 His table tennis career as a match official really got started in 1996 when he qualified as a county umpire. A year later he became a national referee, in 2000 a national umpire, 2002 international umpire and 2005 an international referee. I believe that rising through the ranks in 9 years deserves admiration.

Steve told me that he and Margaret went as spectators to the world championships in 1997, held in Manchester. He was impressed and this probably inspired him to emulate the efforts of the match officials there. World championships, Olympic Games, paras and Commonwealth games - Steve was there.


A glittering career interrupted by illness, which he overcame and continued to serve. Committee work and seminars on many different aspects of the game were part of his phenomenal workload. You would wonder how he found time to support local events, but he did. He and Cliffedale started a series of Junior 1 star tournaments to get the young playing in competition on
9 and peaking at 14 tables. These events were so successful that other 1 stars sprang up around the country. On Steve’s suggestion the club upgraded to 2 star, holding 4 tournaments in a season playing on 15-18 tables. Juniors and cadets
flocked from as far as Scotland and Wales to take advantage of the opportunity to play in a well run event. Success prompted competition and now the calendar is littered with 2 star junior tournaments. The Club will still run tournaments due to the
organisational skills of our young members passed to them from Steve and Margaret.

Whatever the level, Umpires could feel safe in that any disputes would be dealt with by Steve that did not undermine their authority. His reputation as a tough but fair referee may have contributed to my not witnessing many altercations.

He watched the play all the time anticipating and ready to react to any problems. He expected his umpires to apply the laws
but not in an officious manner. If a quiet word did not work then they needed to take stronger action which he would back to the hilt. He could afford to leave the control desk, to observe matches close up, because he had, in Margaret, a great assistant. Steve did not suffer fools gladly. He could be short with anyone that interrupted his thoughts when wrestling with a difficult decision. You learnt to read the signs without him displaying a "do not disturb" sign.

Steve was very good to me by transporting us to venues, but he could get lost albeit in an unfamiliar phone box. He was a safe driver but not always in the right direction. I went up in his estimation when I navigated from one side of Birmingham to the other without getting lost.

Steve stood for truth, justice and integrity, that is why I valued his friendship. He was honest, caring and generous. He will be missed.

Farewell Steve your shift is done. It is up to us now to continue the task in your memory.

Peter May



Tony Chatwin, President of the AETTU and one of the longest-serving and most dedicated servants of table tennis in England, has died at the age of 84 after a long illness.

Tony spent a lifetime involved in the sport after taking it up in 1952, becoming one of the country’s most respected officials and administrators at every level from local to international.

He began his career in Derbyshire, representing the county at Senior and Veteran level, but it was after qualifying as a National Umpire in 1966 that his lifetime of service started to take on a broader dimension.

He was in the first group of National Referees in 1971, qualified as an International Umpire in 1973 when the qualification was first introduced, and was the third English official to be appointed an International Referee, in 1992.

He was appointed to a number of prestigious tournaments, including Deputy Referee when England hosted the World Championships in both 1977 and 1997.

As Referee, he took charge of the World Student Games in 1981, European Top 12 (1983), English Open (1992), US Open (1992) Commonwealth Championships (1985) and National Championships in 1970.

Further appointments as Deputy Referee came at multiple English Opens; as an umpire he officiated at the 1969  World Championships in Munich, European Championships in Rotterdam (1972), 1976 (Prague) and Moscow (1984) and the Commonwealth Championships in Cardiff in 1973, not to mention several international matches and Open tournaments at home and abroad.

But it was not just as an official that Tony served the sport – he was also an administrator who played a key role in so many areas of the sport at every level. 

Nationally, he was ETTA Deputy Chairman from 1997-2003, served as Vice-Chairman of Competitions and was National Councillor for Derbyshire from 2006 to 2015, having been Deputy National Councillor from 2004-6.

He was part of various committees, including Development, Tournaments, Trade, Disciplinary and Honours, as well    as the Appeals Board, and was National Elections Scrutineer.

He was a member of the National Umpire and Referees Committee from 1970 to 1994 and Chairman from 1994 to 1997, also serving on the Referees International Selection Panel. He was also President of the Association of English Table Tennis Umpires and national representative of the England branch of the Swaythling Club International.

Internationally, Tony was Deputy Chairman of the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) Umpires and Referees Committee and sat on the ITTF Technical Committee. He was also a tutor/trainer for the ITTF Blue Badge Scheme, attending a number of World Championships as a result. For the Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation, he was on the Classification & Technical Committee.

Tony’s contribution to the sport was recognised with a number of honours and awards, including becoming a Vice- President of the ETTA in 1985 and an Honorary Life Member in 1995.

He was presented with the Ivor Montagu Award in 1993, the Malcolm Scott Award in 1996 and the Keith Ponting President’s Memorial Trophy in 2017, the latter presented for exceptionally long and outstanding service to Table Tennis England.

Tony is survived by his wife Pat, who is herself a Vice-President of Table Tennis  England.


Gentleman Referee Doug Young Passes Away

The loveliest of men and one of our top class referees, Doug Young, passed away on 10th February 2018 in Worcester.

Doug, who was born on 30th May 1934 in Luton, was involved with table tennis for very many years at local, county, national and
international level. He was well loved and respected by those who came across him for his quiet charm and gentle sense of humour as much as his professionalism as an official.

Worcester and Worcestershire are synonymous with Doug. He held many roles in the Worcester League including President, Fixtures Secretary (for over 30 years) and Secretary for both Division 1 and Division 2. At county level Doug was Worcestershire’s Chairman 1994-2016, Umpires Secretary 1972-2007 and National Councillor 1995-2013. He only gave up his roles in 2016 when his health began to fail as he felt that he would not be able to properly fulfil his duties.

Doug served on several ETTA Committees and took an active part in meetings. He was County Championships Chairman 1987-96, Trade Committee Member 2007-13, National Championships Committee Member 2000-10, National Umpires and Referees Committee Member (Qualification Panel) 1980-1997 and Umpires Review Panel Member 1994-97.

Doug’s achievements were honoured by the ETTA when he was made a Vice-President in 1994 and then he became a well deserved Honorary Life Member in 2004. An award which Doug accepted with his usual humility and grace.


       Doug Young - 4th from the right

As well as the strong connections with his county Doug was a first class umpire and referee. He gained his County Umpires badge in 1962 and then went on to become a National Umpire in 1970 and an International Umpire in 1975. Some of the major events Doug umpired at included the World Championships, Tokyo,  in 1983 where Doug umpired the Women’s Team Final in front of 11,000 spectators, two European Championships; 1972 in Rotterdam, umpiring the first match in the Women’s Team finals and 1988 in Paris, two Commonwealth Championships in Cardiff, 1973 and Isle of Man, 1985. Doug umpired at numerous other internationals at home and abroad as well as many National Championships in all age groups and many other domestic tournaments. The BBC programme “Top

Table” which was recorded in Birmingham and then shown over an eight week period was another series of matches a which Doug umpired.

Doug was a prominent referee who first became a Tournament Referee in 1972, a National Referee a year later before gaining the status of International Referee in 1992. He was appointed the Referee at the Commonwealth Championships in Nairobi in 1991 and relayed the story of chasing his luggage across the country when it was lost at the airport. In 1988 and 1990 Doug was the Referee at the English Opens and also refereed seven National Championships between 1979 and 1992. As Deputy Referee Doug officiated at the World
Championships in Gothenburg in 1993, the European Championships in Birmingham in 1994 and two English Open Championships in 1986 and 1992. A remarkable record. Doug was most proud of being named by John Wright, the world renowned and possibly the best referee ever, as his successor and the only Deputy John would leave in charge to have a break for lunch.

Doug was a popular and long time member of the ETTA 100 Club, and with his wife Wanda, regularly attended the annual get togethers.

I will miss Doug tremendously as will all who knew him and our sincere condolences go to his daughters, Sandra and Carole, and the other members of Doug’s family.

Doreen Stannard, TTE Honorary Life Member:  “As Chairman of National Championships Committee  when Doug was appointed referee 99% of your worries were taken care of, like the man himself his paperwork was immaculate, Doug was very well respected by players both home and abroad.

We sat together for many years at National Council, a great friend gone but never to be forgotten.  His greatest pride was his family”.

Lynda Reid, International Umpire:  “Doug encouraged me to become an umpire in the 1980s when a county match was on a Saturday afternoon and two umpires shared the work.  I watched how he umpired and tried to follow his example, for example, the apparently casual stroll around the edge of the court to ensure the barriers were correctly aligned. He was always calm.  I remember him saying that he considered he had failed if he had to issue a yellow card; that a good umpire should always be in control of the players.

I sat my IU exam on his dining room table.   Doug always made sure that the County AGM report included a record of the umpiring done by Worcestershire umpires and encouraged us to broaden our horizons.  I have enjoyed many great experiences in the world of table tennis thanks to following his guidance”.

Martin Clark, TTE Honorary Life Member: “Doug was the nicest of people one would ever wish to meet. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone. Not one to blow his own trumpet he was committed to his table tennis from grass roots right up to the international levels that he served with integrity, class, elegance and such distinction throughout the years as a player, umpire and referee. Never one to cut corners, the time and effort he put wholeheartedly into all the voluntary work he gave was second to none. I feel privileged to have known him and fortunate to have benefited from his knowledge and experience whilst serving alongside him on committees both within the
county and nationally. A true gentleman with a wicked sense of humour, he will be sorely missed by all those blessed to have known him.

The funeral service will take place at Worcester Crematorium, Tintern Avenue, Worcester WR3 8HA on Monday 12th March 2018 at
3.15pm. All are welcome.  Family flowers only. For anyone who wishes to send a donation in memory of Doug they can send it to the funeral directors E J Gumery & Son, 68/70 Ombersley Road, WORCESTER WR3 7EU, they are happy to receive donations for up to a month after the funeral. Two charities have been nominated by Doug’s daughters: Ronald McDonald House Charities who provide free
‘home from home’ accommodation to families with children in hospital (they really helped Doug’s family when his great-grandson Bailey needed open-heart surgery aged just 4 months), and RSPB, because Doug loved his garden birds and was a member of RSPB as he wanted to help nature.

Diane Webb

27th February 2018.



The 2018 AETTU Competition will be held at Draycott TTC, Derbyshire over the weekend of 21-22nd July 2018.  If you want to enter the competition contact Tom Purcell.



It is with regret that I report the death of Wilf Rhodes IU from Derbyshire.  Wilf was an experienced IU but had been ill for a number of years.     

His funeral will be held at 10:45 on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at Bretby Crematorium, Geary Lane, Nr Burton Upon Trent, Derbyshire, DE15 0QE

Tom Purcell



Each year membership fees are collected from members of the AETTU. We see most members on a regular basis but others we only see occasionally.  To ease the collection of membership fees it would be easier if members set up a Standing Order with their banks to pay the AETTU subs  each year.  The membership year starts on 1st August each year.  With this in mind a Standing Order form has been set up in the Documents page on this site.  Complete the form on line or give it to your bank.  The fee for 2017-18, as it has been for many years, is £5.  Please let the Treasurer Steve Welch and me know if you set up a Standing order.


Tom Purcell



The 2017 competition for the Association of English Table Tennis Umpires (AETTU) took place at the Draycott and Long Eaton TTC over the weekend of 5-6th August 2017.  This is the tenth year of the competition. The competition had to be moved to August because of a clash with another tournament at Draycott on the planned date in June  This year there were 24 competitors and 22 players and guests sat down to the evening meal at the Hallmark Hotel in Derby.  

A number of umpires attended for the first time and their TT skills were unknown. Jo Outhwaite (War) was the Ladies Champion and the
U50s competition was won by Steve Smith (Bucks).  Bob Evans (Clev) was the winner of the O60s competition and Bruce Lowther (Clev) was successful in the O70s event.  Stan Clarke (Lancs) was the winner of the O80s competition. 

The Doubles competition was won by Lin Roff (Essex) and Danny Sullivan (Derby).  Lin had a very good weekend also winning the Plate competition and was runner up in the Hardbat and Ladies competitions. 

Steve Green (Ches) retained his Open competition medal and also won the Hardbat competition and the O50s competition.     

President of the AETTU, Tony Chatwin, presented the trophies to the successful competitors.


 Many thanks must also go to the friends and partners of the players who supported the competition and Margaret, Lillian and Barbara  who provided the refreshments during the weekend and not forgetting George Tyler who was the Referee and Mike Payne who acted as Referee’s Assistant.  Thanks also to Draycott and Long Eaton TTC for arranging a very good venue for the competition.


EVENT                                 WINNER                                                        RUNNER-UP

HARDBAT                          Steve Green                                                    Lin Roff

U50                                    Steve Smith                                                     Gary Whyman

O50                                    Steve Green                                                    Richard Horsfield 

O60                                    Bob Evans                                                       Tom Purcell

O70                                    Bruce Lowther                                                 Graham Rollinson

O80                                    Stan Clarke                                                      Geoff Taylor

PLATE                                Lin Roff                                                             Tony Dias 

DOUBLES                          Lin Roff & Dave Attridge                                   Danny Sullivan & Dave Edwards 

LADIES                              Jo Outhwaite                                                     Lin Roff

OPEN                                 Steve Green                                                     Steve Smith



Tributes have been paid to International Umpire John Lawton who has died at the age of 75 yrs.  John qualified as a CU in 1980 and as an IU in 1986.  He officiated at the Welsh Open in 1987, the European Championships in Paris in 1988, the Commonwealth Championships in Nairobi in 1991, the World Championships in Manchester in 1997 and the Island Games in
Shetland in 2005.

John was a regular umpire at all levels of table tennis in England and he last umpired two weeks ago in a Premier British League match

at Ormesby. John was a founding member of the Association of English Table Tennis Umpires and won a number of events in the

association’s annual tournament over the last few years.

Brian Watkins (IU) said “John was a good friend to me and Barbara. He was very honest and generous, having strong opinions on table

tennis, a game he loved.  I have spent many an hour speaking with John on rules and regulations.  I always complained about his bat,

but his expertise with long pimples will never be forgotten. A strong character and will be missed.

He was also involved in local table tennis for many years. He was Chairman of the Middlesbrough & District Table Tennis League for

numerous years. He was the Tournament Organiser for the Middlesbrough Table Tennis Championships for many years and was also a

member of the Cleveland County Table Tennis Association Committee acting as Umpires Secretary and Vice Chairman for a number

of years.
John played in lots of local leagues including the Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington and Ryedale leagues.
John’s funeral took place on Thursday 25th May at Kirkleatham Crematorium, Fishpond Road, Yearsby, Teeside. TS11 8HH and was attended by many
umpiring colleagues and friends.

Tom Purcell




From 1st October 2016 the ITTF Law re coaching/advice during a match changes and in certain circumstances a player or coach may seek or give advice during a match. The chart (below) from the ITTF gives scenarios relating to the change.

The full document which also contains frequently asked questions for referees and umpires can be found at:

Advice Rules Oct 2016.xlsx



 It is with regret that I have to report the death of friend and colleague, Ron Doughlas, umpire from Durham.  Ron had been ill for some time but he was still able to take part in the umpires' tournament each year.


 Unfortunately his illness escalated recently and Ron died during the last couple of weeks.

Tom Purcell




Tributes have been paid to International Umpire Derek Sherratt, who died suddenly at the age of 82 on 6th August 2016 at his home.


 Derek became a Vice-President of Table Tennis England at the 2016 AGM and was a regular at tournaments all over England and travelled widely to international competitions.

He qualified as a County Umpire in 1982, becoming a National Umpire in 1991 and joining the IU ranks in 1994. He attained his Blue Badge status, the highest grade, on May 10th, 2010.

He officiated at many major tournaments, including the World Championships in China (1995), Manchester (1997), Kuala Lumpur (2000) and Rotterdam (2001) and European Championships in Birmingham (1994), Slovakia (1996) and Italy (2003 and 2008).

The Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002, Olympic Qualifiers in the same city in 1996, Commonwealth Championships (Glasgow, 2009), five English Opens and two Euro Top 10s were also on his list of achievements.

Derek also officiated at more than 30 National Championships since 1990, at every age group.

Off the court, Derek had been National Councillor from Staffordshire since 2008 and General Secretary of Staffordshire CTTA since 1982, combining the role with that of Treasurer since 2007. He had been President of Stafford TTL since 2000.

He was awarded the Maurice Goldstein Award by the ETTA in 2005.

Derek was Vice-Chairman of the English Table Tennis Umpires’ Association since its inception in 2004. The Chairman, George Tyler, said: “With Derek, the glass was always half-full, whatever the situation. He was a lovely man and always spoke up for the underdog.

“He was very active and fit, still playing table tennis – he played in the umpires’ tournament every year – and he went out walking every morning.

“The previous day I had talked to him for half an hour, so it came as a great shock to me.

“He worked very, very hard in Staffordshire for table tennis and worked actively for many years for the umpires’ association and his nature and his humour came out. You couldn’t find anyone with a bad word to say about him.

“He and I went to a lot of events together and we used to have a regular wine-tasting session on Saturday evenings! He was a very erudite man as well and wrote very interesting articles for the association magazine.

“I imagine a lot of umpires will be at his funeral wearing the blue blazer as a mark of respect.”

Former Staffordshire Chairman and current Umpires’ Secretary Brian Watkins, who knew Derek for more than 50 years, said: “I shared a room with him for many years at tournaments and he made me a cup of tea in the morning. He had a fantastic sense of humour and was also a very clever man and not to be underestimated.

“He would be devil’s advocate at times and made you think maybe you should be doing something a different way.

“He’s always been there and prepared to do anything and he did it with good heart and good humour and was appreciated by his peers.

“He was a man you could love, a gentleman.”


 The 2016 competition for the Association of English Table Tennis Umpires (AETTU) once again took place at the Draycott and Long
Eaton TTC over the weekend of 18-19th June 2016.  This is the ninth year of the competition.  This year there were 28 competitors and 37 players and guests sat down to the evening meal at the Hallmark Hotel in Derby.

Dave Griffiths, the 2015 Open Champion, was unable to attend this year’s competition.  We also had five female competitors for the first time and a number of new umpires taking part. Jan Crompton (Oxf) was the Ladies Champion and also won the O70’s competition.  Rory Scott (Sussex) won the Hard bat competition and the U50s competition and was also the losing finalist in the Open event

Harry Jutle (Herts) was the winner of the O60s competition and Bruce Lowther (Clev) was successful in the Plate event.  Brian Freer (Cambs) was the winner of the O80s competition beating Derek Sherratt the winner from 2015.

Steve Green (Ches) entered the competition for the first time and had a very successful weekend. Steve won the Doubles competition with Tom Purcell (Lancs) and also won the O50s competition.  Steve played Rory Scott in the final of the Open event.  He was losing in all three games but managed to fight back and beat Rory 3-0 in a closely fought competition.

President of the AETTU, Tony Chatwin, presented the trophies to the successful competitors.

Many thanks must also go to the friends and partners of the players who supported the competition and Joyce and Brenda who provided the refreshments during the weekend and not forgetting George Tyler who was the Referee and Margaret Welch who acted as Referee’s Assistant.  Thanks also to Draycott and Long Eaton TTC and Brian Savage for arranging a very good venue for the competition.



             EVENT                  WINNER                                     RUNNER-UP

         HARD BAT                Rory Scott                                    Tony Dixon

         U50                          Rory Scott                                    Kevin Bird

         O50                          Steve Green                                 Tony Dixon

         O60                          Harry Jutle                                    Bob Evans

         O70                          Jan Crompton                               Lynda Reid

         O80                          Brian Freer                                   Derek Sherratt

         PLATE                      Bruce Lowther                              Lyndon Griffiths

         DOUBLES                 Tom Purcell                                  Richard Hudson             
                                         Steve Green                                  John Lawton

         LADIES                    Jan Crompton                               Jo Outhwaite

         OPEN                       Steve Green                                 Rory Scott

Tom Purcell

Hon. Secretary AETTU



The 2015 competition for the Association of English Table Tennis Umpires (AETTU) once again took place at the Draycott and Long Eaton TTC over the weekend of 4-5th July 2015.  This is the eight year of the competition.  This year the competition clashed with the European Veteran’s competition and the Heritage Oil Competition. Some of our members who normally play in the Umpires’ competition were involved in the other two competitions. This year there were 23 competitors and 33 players and guests sat down to the evening meal at the Hallmark Hotel in Derby. 

A number of new umpires joined the AETTU competition for the first time. Val Murdoch and Alex Murdoch were two of the new competitors. Alex won the O70 event beating Ron Douglas in the Final.  Val Murdoch won the Women’s event unopposed after Dot MacFarlane pulled out at the last minute because of illness.  Val had a busy weekend playing in a number of events and surprising a number of her opponents with the quality of her play.

The Plate competition was won by John Stalker from Worcestershire who beat John Mackey in the Final.

The 2015 Open competition was won by Dave Griffiths from Lancashire. Dave has now won the Open competition for the last four years. He also won the O50, Hardbat and Doubles Competition with Bruce Lowther.  (I think we will have to encourage Paul Drinkhall to become an umpire to give Dave some competition).

 President of the AETTU, Tony Chatwin, was due to present the prizes but he was taken ill at the last minute and Chairman of the AETTU, George Tyler presented the trophies to the winners.

Many thanks must also go to the friends and partners of the players who supported the competition and Joyce and Lillian who provided the refreshments during the competition and not forgetting Margaret who acted as Referee's Assistant.  Thanks also to Draycott and Long Eaton TTC and Brian Savage for arranging a very good venue for the competition.


                                                            AETTU COMPETION – DRAYCOTT TTC 2015    




UNDER 50’s

Gary Whyman (Cleveland)

Josh Reynolds (Yorks)

OVER 50’s

Dave Griffiths (Lancs)

Roy Claxton (Scotland)

OVER 60’s

Ray Jackson (Lancs)

Roy Claxton (Scotland)

OVER 70’s

Alex Murdock ( Herts)

Ron Douglas (Durham)


Val Murdock ( Herts)



Dave Griffiths (Lancs)

Bruce Lowther ( Cleveland))


Dave Griffiths (Lancs)

Bruce Lowther (Cleveland)

Josh Reynolds (Yorks)

John Stalker (Worc )


John Stalker (Worc )

John Mackey ( Lincs)


Dave Griffiths (Lancs)

Ray Jackson (Lancs)

Tom Purcell

Hon. Secretary AETTU


It is with great regret that I have to report the sudden death of AETTU member and Chair of the ETTA - Andy Seward.  Andy had been an experienced umpire for many years and was involved in the the formation of the AETTU.  In 2013 Andy was elected as Chair of the ETTA and started the process of reorganising the ETTA with his new Board.  Our condolences are sent to his family .

Tom Purcell
Secretary AETTU


It is with deep regret that I have to report the sudden death of John Hardcastle, umpire from Yorkshire and member of the AETTU. John has been an active umpire for many years and was a founder member of the AETTU.  John was actively involved in umpiring and worked as Yorkshire County Umpire's Secretary and organiser for the WBL. He has been ill for approximately 18 months but still continued to attend events. 

John's funeral will take place on Thursday 27/12/12 at 13:15 at South Elmsall Parish Church, St Mary the Virgin, Doncaster Road, South Elmsall WF9 2HS.  Then on to Ardsley crematorium, Doncaster Rd, Barnsley, S71 5EH at 14:30 and then his wake will be held at Burntwood Court Hotel, Common Road, Brierley. S72 9ET. I do not have a time for this as I don't know the length of time at crematorium.


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